Best of Apple Valley Craigslist: This is How Some Horror Movies Start

Is this vintage ventriloquist dummy slap-happy or super creepy? You decide.

Decent condition. No known demon infestation.

Vintage 1968 Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist by Juro Novelty Co. Decent condition. A little dirty, but can be cleaned. Shoes missing. $30.

Lime and sober cab not included.

PANCHO VILLA DECANTER...FULL TEQUILA! - $65 Great Condition General Francisco Pancho Villa Mexican Tequila Bottle Decanter. DECANTER IS FULL. 1877-1923. First Edition. COMES IN ORIGINAL BOX.

Poster is also selling a Texas Rangers Decanter, also full of the good stuff.

One more way to alienate your mother-in-law during Christmas dinner.

Just fill up the glass base with your spirit of choice and push the button. Then, stand back and wait for the laughs as you see how the Little Whizzer dispenses it. Yes. He's peeing it into your glass. A kid peeing whisky into a tumbler is funny no matter where you live. No bar top is complete without the Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser sitting on top of it.

DOES NOT WORK. Might just need to be tinkered with, but batteries were put in it and it didn't work.

Thankfully not full of "tequila."

Hot tub for barter

Very nice seven person Spa, two 6hp pumps with lots of jets. Paid 10k about 5 years ago. would consider trade for convertable car for mama needs to be worth 4-5k. everything works good with spa, has been drained and winterized, stored under ceder enclosure so all is in good condition. will consider other trades, what do you have - send pics.


Antique primitive metal corn cob dryer--10 spikes and hanging ring - $15


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