Craigslist Curiosities, Apple Valley: Taco Cielo Truck Seeks LTR

This week: A forlorn food truck, a diminutive Flying Dutchman and more.

One of the Only Craigslist Posters That Can Actually Promise You Bliss

This is your ticket to nacho nirvana: Tree (sic) year old 8X18 trailer made by Concession Nation. All NSF equipment. The trailer passes MN Dept. of Health and St. Paul licensing inspections.

We (Taco Cielo) had a partial wrap installed last year with our menu and logo. If interested the business can be included in sale for additional cost..
Storage paid through May 2013 in Farmington. See list below for features and equipment.

Itty Bitty Blackbeard

I have a brand new playmobil set for sale. It has never been opened or used. #5775 pirates attack for ages 4+

Looking for $50, paid $120

Quick, someone tell her parents.

*WANTED* Teddy Bear Syrian Hamster/s!

I am looking for one or more TEDDY BEAR/SYRIAN HAMSTER/S to adopt! I do not own a car, so not too far to drive (for my ride) or to be delivered is needed! If you have a Teddy Bear Hamster/s you would like to find a new home for, please contact me! 


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