Storm Dumps Five Inches of Snow on Apple Valley, Rosemount

District 196 schools open, but cities' parking restrictions now in effect.


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As expected, Winter Storm Q has brought about five inches of snow to the Apple Valley-Rosemount area, and another inch or so could fall today.

District 196 Schools are open as usual, but enough snow has fallen that commuters are facing a long, hazardous drive, and both Rosemount and Apple Valley's plowing operation have gone into effect. Major roadways are being cleared first, followed by collector and residential streets.

Apple Valley is subdivided into 13 plowing districts. Public Works uses up to 30 plowing units to clear snow. A full plowing operation for all 173 miles of roadway requires approximately 10 hours to complete for moderate snowfall conditions.

On-street parking is prohibited until plowing is complete.


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