Challenge Accepted! Help Apple Valley Patch Defeat Lakeville on Facebook

Lakeville Patch Editor Derrick Williams has challenged Apple Valley Patch readers to a contest of epic proportions. Let's take him down.

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Derrick Williams is tall. Really tall. Like, approaching-7-feet tall.

Derrick—the editor of Lakeville Patch—is the tallest person I work with. I, at a mere 5-foot-5, never cease to marvel at/envy his height. Oh, to school everyone I know at basketball! Oh, to reach everything in my kitchen cabinets without standing on a step stool!

Now, what's great is that even though at first glance Derrick appears to tower menacingly over everyone, he's just about the nicest guy I know.

But I think all this might've gone to his head, because he's starting to get a little cocky. I knew it when I saw this posted on Lakeville Patch on Monday: "."

Yes, he does call me lovely and compliment my fashion choices. But really, Derrick? You're going to clobber me "upside the wireless mouse" with all the Facebook 'Likes' you're going to get?

Oh puh-lease! Just because you're tall doesn't mean you can out-Like me, my friend!

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So, Apple Valley: I need your help proving that height doesn't matter when it comes to faithful Facebook fanship. At last count, Lakeville had a substantial Likes advantage (597 likes to Apple Valley's 460). We also have a leg up on our other south metro Patches, but let's stay ahead of them, too.

Are you on Facebook? Are your friends and family on Facebook? You're probably on Facebook a bunch more than you might visit the homepage, as much as I hate to admit it. On our Facebook page, you'll find links to stories, but also additional comments from me and other fans, more photos and other links I think will be useful to you.

If you can support Apple Valley and me—that includes my height, sense of style and maybe my community journalism-producing abilities—I need you to spread the word to 'Like' Apple Valley Patch's Facebook page. You'll see the little Like box to check near the top right when you go to the page.

I have to be careful not to get in Derrick's way in real life, or I might end up squished under his shoe. Don't let the big guy trample me in Facebook Likes, too!

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