Crimes Against Government, Domestic Assault, and Obscene Material: St. Michael Area Arrests

St. Michael, Albertville and Otsego arrests in the past week.


The following arrests pertaining to St. Michael, Albertville and Otsego were reported Monday by the Wright County Sheriff's Office for the week of Jan. 7 through Jan. 14.

An arrest means the person has been taken into custody and, in most cases, charged with the crime listed.

Jan. 7:
Travis John Hawkinson, 29, of Albertville was arrested in Buffalo on a Wright County warrant for violation of a restraining order.

Mercedes Aguilar, 46, of St. Michael was charged with gross misdemeanor failure to stop for a school bus.

Jan. 9:
James Robert Hanson, 51, of Otsego was arrested in Otsego on a Minnesota Department of Corrections warrant for domestic assault.

Jan. 10:
Ryan Dean Fish, 38, of Otsego was arrested in Otsego on the charge of domestic assault.

Jan. 11:
Lindsey Anne Heitman, 31, of Albertville was charged with felony crimes against the government.

Ryan Daniel Weber, 18, of St. Michael was charged with felony dissemination of obscene material.

There were 14 property damage accidents, three personal injury accidents, two hit-and-run accidents and 15 car-deer accidents in Wright County in the past week.

There were seven arrests for DWI, three Underage Consumption arrests, one school bus stop arm violation and 49 tickets for miscellaneous traffic violations issued in the past week in Wright County.

JoJo January 14, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Several of these probably have some fascinating stories and details behind them...hoping to see some stories. Especially on crimes against the gov't, obscene materials, and failure to stop for a school bus (surely not the guy's first time, as bus drivers usually have to keep track and usually they get stopped breaking this law after the police are alerted on where to watch for a chronic law breaker)
Liala Helal January 15, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Yes, we were planning to break out a few of these. Some of them do not have any additional public information — like the arrest for dissemination of obscene materials, because the suspect was a minor at the time the complaint was filed. But more to come on some of the other ones.
anonymous January 15, 2013 at 09:38 PM
Gross misdemeanor charge for a school bus means the children were outside of the bus when they passed. Not a chronic offender. This is one charge the cops don't have to see you commit in order to cite.


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