Rosemount Teen Allegedly Punched Classmate, Facing Assault Charge

Jeremy Alexander Johnson, 18, is accused of assaulting a classmate during a football game in gym class.

A Rosemount teen accused of knocking two of his classmate's teeth out during a gym class scuffle is now facing a criminal charge.

Jeremy Alexander Johnson, 18, is charged with one felony count of third-degree assault following the incident, which occurred on Nov. 20, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Dakota County Attorney's Office. If convicted, Johnson could face a maximum of five years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Police responded to a Rosemount school on a report of an assault that occurred in gym class, according to the complaint. At the scene, officers spoke with multiple witnesses, who told police they saw Johnson punch the victim—a male classmate—in the face with a closed fist. One witness told police he saw Johnson deliver an "upper cut" to the victim's mouth, and that one of the victim's teeth flew out upon impact. Another witness told police he saw Johnson run toward the victim, saw the victim fall to the ground and then saw blood coming from the victim's mouth.

Police spoke with Johnson, who allegedly told officers that the victim was annoying him during a football game, and had pushed Johnson at one point during the game. Johnson allegedly admitted that he became angry with the victim's behavior and punched the classmate.

Police say the victim suffered the loss of two teeth and gum damage from the incident. The boy was treated at Fairview Ridges Hospital.


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