Suicidal Apple Valley Man Arrested After Police Standoff on Gantry Lane

Police say Roy Lee Henneberger threatened to kill a crisis worker and use chemicals to kill other people.

Police dispatched a SWAT team and a special chemical operations unit to Apple Valley on March 30 during a standoff with a suicidal man who allegedly threatened to use chemicals to kill other people.

Roy Lee Henneberger, 58, was charged with one felony count of terroristic threats for his alleged role in the standoff, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Dakota County Attorney's Office. If convicted, Henneberger could face a maximum of five years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Police were dispatched to Henneberger's home on Gantry Lane just before 8:30 p.m. on March 30 on a report of a suicidal male, according to the complaint. Prior to the emergency call, investigators say that Henneberger spoke with a Dakota County crisis worker over the phone—and threatened to kill the crisis worker then kill himself if she called police or tried to have him committed.

Police arrived at Henneberger's home, and called in a negotiator to speak over the phone with the man. Henneberger told the negotiator he was frustrated, and that his home would soon be foreclosed. He allegedly hung up after refusing to come out of the house, according to police.

Following the phone call with the negotiator, and with officers outside his home, Henneberger then spoke another time with the crisis worker. During that call, police say Henneberger identified himself as a chemical engineer, said he had chemicals in his home and would use them to kill others if necessary.

In response, police called in a SWAT unit and the chemical operations unit.

Despite the threats, Henneberger surrendered peacefully to police following a standoff outside the home, according to the complaint. Inside the residence, police found a shotgun and a World War I-era gun. Officers also found a can of nitrous oxide in the house.


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