Cedar Avenue Construction Slows as Winter Approaches

With the onset of winter, construction along the corridor has slowed significantly.

A trip through Apple Valley along Cedar Avenue yields far fewer orange traffic barrels than just a few short weeks ago. With the onset of winter, construction along the corridor has slowed significantly.

According to Ross Beckwith, construction engineer for Dakota County, there may be temporary lane closures, usually in off-peak hours, as crews work on lighting and fencing, but the majority of the roadwork is done until next spring.

The project will result in bus-only shoulders and extending six-lane traffic through Apple Valley south to County Road 46. Additional turn lanes have been added. Crews have also been building retaining and noise walls, updating public utilities such as storm sewers and water mains, relocating private utilities, and upgrading signal systems and landscaping.

Beckwith said the project completion deadline is July 1, 2013, and he expects that the project will be completed on schedule.

“We’re right where we need to be,” he said. “We’re in good shape.”

Next spring’s work will include concrete medians and paving the last two lifts, Beckwith said.

For updated information on the project, visit the Cedar Avenue update page on Dakota County’s website.  There, residents can also sign up for the e-mail updates about the project.

Work will continue throughout the winter on four new transit stations being constructed along Cedar Avenue from north of 147th Street and 140th Street in Apple Valley. Completion of the new stations is scheduled for spring 2013. The Metropolitan Council is the lead agency for that project.

The Latest Cedar Avenue Update from Dakota County

There are no lane closures to report this week along Cedar Avenue.

However, crews continue to work in the area. The work is being done to create bus-only shoulder lanes and extending six-lane through traffic south to County Road 46. Additional turn lanes have been added, as well as building retaining and noise walls, updating public utilities (storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer), relocating private utilities, upgrading signal systems and streetscaping.

At this time, the bulk of the construction has been shut down for the winter, but miscellaneous work and repairs continue through Apple Valley, as well and plant and tree installation and sod installation and seeding. Between 155th and 136th streets, light poles are being installed. From 136th to 150th, pedestrian push button signals are being worked on.

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