Open Letter to John Kline: Work to Ban Assault Weapons; Make Us Safer

Letter writer: "Congressman Kline, I ask that you seriously consider a ban of assault weapons and high capacity magazines."


Editor's note: The following is an open letter to Congressman John Kline, in response to an article Apple Valley/Rosemount Patch ran on Dec. 17 titled: .

To the editor, and Congressman Kline,

I am writing today out of deep concern for the safety of fellow citizens, as well as my family and children. I sincerely hope, in light of the recent , that you will seriously re-consider your stance on banning assault weapons. 

There is no hunting rifle that requires a magazine clip of 30 rounds. There is NO CIVILIAN who would ever need to carry that type of fire power. The hunting argument is completely absurd. I grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin. Most homes had cabinets full of guns, mine included. There were no M-16 style assault weapons needed for hunting deer.

The paranoid delusion that I will, at some point in the near future, need an automatic weapon to defend myself from my government, which NRA supporters have specifically stated in the past few days in regards to a Syrian-style civil war, is not even an argument—it’s madness. 

Please think carefully about your responsibility to help prevent another mass murder. This country has suffered through many multiple mass shootings in the past few decades and this must stop. These are senseless deaths and innocent lives are taken because of ... what?  Our Right to bear arms? Ask yourself in a quiet moment if you really believe that our forefathers meant for the Second Amendment to breed a culture of murder. Children are being slaughtered by the very guns the Second Amendment claims to bear witness to their protection. 

The Second Amendment was written in 1791. This is a vastly different world than 1791. The original Constitution thought that slavery was a good idea and women voting was a bad idea. It is time to re-think our allegiance to an Amendment that is outdated and destructive. The wording of the Second Amendment is being abused by special interest groups such as the NRA. 

Congressman Kline, I ask that you seriously consider a ban of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.  I am also asking that Congress look to repeal the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms  Act. This law protects gun manufacturers from any wrong-doing in the event of an execution. 

Sandy Hook elementary was the 16th mass murder of innocents in the United States in 2012. Please do your part to make this country safer. 

Julia Krause-Michelsen, Dakota County

Jim Christian December 25, 2012 at 02:37 PM
There is a misguided belief banning "assault" weapons will magically make us safer and our government, run by people, will never make bad decisions. Guns don't kill people; good trained people with legal guns do kill bad people. Bad people with legal OR illegal guns kill good people unless they are stopped by those good trained people with legal guns. The bullet, knife, axe, or other lethal weapon that kills is only the final instrument of the hatred or deranged mind that began being nurtured in the person's heart long before the weapon was actually used for harm. If guns used for defense are known to be in the target area, the massacre-minded madman will have second thoughts about his target selection. At best it could eliminate victim deaths. At worst, it could limit the number of victims. Where guns are most likely NOT present is where these massacres do take place. This is a demonstration of the cunning and premeditated mindset of mentally deranged, angry, suicidal, mass killers for them to perpetrate their madness with the most time to slaughter before being shot or taking their own life. I fear a publc and government overreaction to implement a one factor solution like gun control without regard to other factors. We can never be guaranteed safety but we (the law abiding and sane people) can stack the odds in our favor by expanding gun training and ownership.
Kevin Ecker December 27, 2012 at 09:56 PM
That fact that you use contradictory terms like "magazine clip" and undefined scare words like "assault weapon" tells me you know nothing about firearms and how they are used. Thanks for revealing your ignorance.


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