Rosemount City Council to Discuss Senior Center Project

The city and the developer of a senior housing complex adjacent to the Steeple Center could partner to build a public-use facility.

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Where a senior center might fit in the proposed Steeple Center senior housing complex and what the center might look like remain issues facing the Rosemount City Council.

During its Wednesday night work session, the council will continue discussing how to proceed with the senior center proposal.

For the past two months, city officials have worked with Doran Companies to incorporate a public-use facility into Doran’s proposed 90-unit senior housing complex adjacent to the Steeple Center along Highway 3.

According to the executive summary prepared by Rosemount city staff for Wednesday’s work session, the city is seeking a public facility that, in part, would enhance the nearby Steeple Center.

“[T]here are deficiencies in the Steeple Center which the new construction should address, such as number of restrooms, storage and some type of kitchen/handling food area,” says the executive summary. “These spaces should be in close proximity to the Steeple Center so they can function seamlessly.”

Doran, on the other hand, has proposed including a swimming pool and health facilities in the senior center and locating at least a portion of the public-use areas within the senior housing complex, according to the executive summary. For instance, one of the company’s layout drawings has pictured public space on the second floor of the housing complex, which is counter to the city's wishes.

“Staff has requested that the public spaces be available on the main level,” says the executive summary. “This is also more beneficial when tying the uses to activities in the Steeple Center, security and maintenance.”

Because of the uncertainties with the project, no cost estimate has been determined for the senior center.

“At this time, it is difficult to negotiate the outline of an agreement until there is more agreement on the amount of public/private spaces, what activities are geared for and what the potential cost for those spaces might be,” says the executive summary.

Other agenda items for Wednesday’s work session, set to begin at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall conference room, include:

• A discussion with local recreation leaders to determine the best way to solve outdoor facility-use issues in Rosemount.

• A discussion about proposed improvements to the banquet room at the Rosemount Community Center.

• A discussion about proposed improvements to the Erickson Park shelter building.

Click here to view the agenda.


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