RHS Pep Fest Video Still Collecting Lots of Feedback Nationwide

A video of Rosemount High School's Dec. 8 pep fest is still getting mostly negative (and some positive) feedback on the web.

I'm sure most of you have - and of the web - where parents give their unsuspecting child a kiss as a joke during the latest pep fest at .

YouTube videos of the event have been plastered on the Internet; every single major news outlet in the metro covered the story as well as many other news moguls nationwide. It was the number one read story on Yahoo.com last week.

It's a controversial subject, to start. I've heard from some folks that this has been done in the past - at RHS and at other schools around the nation. But, maybe not to the same extent. In the past, it was more of a peck, possibly on the cheek even, and things seemed to go a little past that at the Dec. 8 pep fest. Or at least it appeared that way in the video. Still, Principal John Wollersheim was very quick to apologize and said it won't happen again.  echoed Wollersheim's apology and also said that activity will not take place again. 

Are any school or district policy changes going to happen due to this event? So far, no. Taschner stated that the school may review its pep fest policy but other than that, no policy changes.

So, Rosemount residents, since this has happened in your community, I'm wondering what your opinion is about this event. Do you have any worries? Do you think it was appropriate? Do you think an apology from the principal was necessary? Here is some of the feedback from across the web:

Marketing Mama, a local blogger, wrote about this topic on Dec. 16. She said, "Since when are kissing games encouraged or allowed on school property? I’m not a prude and I certainly had my fair share of kissing in high school… but at a school event? Endorsed by the school? 

This is likely traumatic for these children. Imagine being one of the teens in this situation. Imagine feeling horrified that your parent kissed or made out with you, and then the fact it was witnessed in front of all your peers and teachers. Imagine the hate, embarassment and shame they might feel for their parents and themselves. We know that bullying is a problem today and that these children will likely be teased about what happened. What if one of these kids commits suicide? Is it “no big deal” then?"

Facebook user Jen Berg commented on the story on Rosemount Patch's Facebook page. She said, "I'm a little surprised by such a "prank" and don't find it funny at all. The Principal states he didn't think the video represented the whole event. What more is there to see for some to think this is "ok"?"

Jezebel.com blogger said, "Do not trick [students] into making out with their parents in front of the whole school. When pranking students you always want to shoot for something that's semi-embarrassing, but not humiliating enough that they'll end up in a therapist's office."

One person commented on Newsy.com's story on the pep fest kissing, saying, "It's just a joke! People take everything too seriously these days! We did this at our football pep rally years ago. Trust me, no parent is sticking their tongue in their kids mouths. Grow up people."

Rosemount TownPages said in an editorial, "The parents hammed it up as they played their part. At least, we assume nobody was making out as intensely as the video seems to show...

Lauren, a RHS student and girls hockey captain, called into K102 to tell her side of the story, saying she was a part of the prank and that "no one made out with their child...they were told they had to be as dramatic as possible and if you actually look at the video you can tell that their heads keep moving and they're not even touching their children..."

Editor's Note: I welcome the chance to talk to any of the parents or students involved in this prank. Feel free to call me at 612-518-3958 or email me at jennifer.pfeffer@patch.com


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