Best Local Places to Watch the Super Bowl

Where will you catch Sunday's big game (not to mention the commercials and Beyonce's peformance)? Here are a few choices in Apple Valley and Rosemount.


OK, sure. Neither the Packers nor the Vikings made it to the top. But you don't have to be a fan of either the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens to be excited about Sunday's Super Bowl.

West coast vs. east coast is about as classic a rivalry as it gets, and with Minnesota smack in the middle of the country, there are plenty of folks leaning one way or the other. And in addition to the game itself, there are the questions many of us will be debating while watching the festivities at our local restaurant or watering hole. For instance:

If it's a family affair: The Ravens are coached by John Harbaugh. The 49ers are coached by Jim Harbaugh, also known as John's kid brother. Talk about sibling rivalry! It's just the sort of scenario many of us with older (and younger) brothers dreamed about.

Is it live, or is it taped: Pop superstar Beyonce, whose performance at last month's inaugural turned out to be mimed (to a recording of her own voice), says she will absolutely be singing live at half time.

What's your favorite commercial: This is also the Super Bowl of the ad industry, as America's biggest brands compete to make you laugh (Doritos), cry (Budweiser) and buy their products (everyone). This year's choices have their share of controversy: Is the Volkswagen ad featuring a Minnesota guy talking like Bob Marley racist or not? Is the Mercedes ad featuring Kate Upton sexist, or all in good fun? 

So, where to enjoy watching (and debating)? Here are a few of the top choices in Apple Valley-Rosemount and nearby:


Shenanigans Pub, 14605 S. Robert Trail, is offering a "Super Bowl cookout" with $1 sloppy joes, $2 burgers and drawings for a variety of swag items.

Buffalo Wild Wings, 14658 Cedar Ave. S. 

Celts Irish Pub, 14506 S. Robert Trail, will offer tall domestic beers for $3.

Ole Piper Family Restaurant and Sports Bar, 16604 Cedar Ave. S. 

Wild Bill's Sports Saloon, 15020 Glazer Ave. S., is offering an all-you-can-eat buffet (until supplies run out), including boneless and bone-in buffalo and barbeque wings.


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