Wi-Fi Now Available on Some MVTA Buses, Transit Stations

The service is part of a 90-day demonstration project that could be expanded if all goes well.

Burnsville Transit Station / Credit: Minnesota Valley Transit Authority
Burnsville Transit Station / Credit: Minnesota Valley Transit Authority

Some Minnesota Valley Transit Authority riders got a Christmas present when they returned from the Christmas break: The transportation provider equipped five buses and two transit stations in Burnsville and Eagan with a public Wi-Fi system as part of a 90-day demonstration project.

The buses that have free Wi-Fi are numbered 4692, 4693, 4048, 4049 and 4946. They each have a Wi-Fi symbol near the passenger door. The buses will operate on a variety of routes—including 436, 440, 445, 460, 464, 465, 470, 472, 476, 477, 480 and 484. A full schedule of trips where Wi-Fi may be offered is available online.

The network will show up as “MVTA Public Wi-Fi” and use the password “openMVTA.”

Wi-Fi is one of several technology projects that the MVTA Board’s Strategic Planning Committee identified as priorities.

“In the past six months, more and more riders have asked for this service,” a news release quoted MVTA Board Chair Gary Hansen, who is also an Eagan Councilmember. “We look forward to rider feedback and to rolling this service out at additional stations and on additional buses.”

If there is demand for the Wi-Fi service and it operates well, MVTA could expand the service to additional buses and transit stations after the 90-day demonstration project.

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