Apple Valley Man’s Documentary Features Cool People, Ultimate Frisbee

James Wagner and his friend are releasing a Web series about their travels through the western United States.

Credit: James Wagner and Chris Schasse
Credit: James Wagner and Chris Schasse

For many people, summer is a chance to travel and relax. But Apple Valley resident James Wagner saw it as a chance to tell a story.

Wagner and his friend Chris Schasse, of Eau Claire, WI, traveled the western United States last summer for a documentary Web series, The Break Side, loosely based on the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, which both Wagner and Schasse play competitively.

“We wanted to travel and we wanted to play Ultimate,” a release quoted Wagner. “The web-series is just our way of showing viewers the connections and experiences that can be had through travel and within the Ultimate community.”

Wagner considers himself a decent writer, and Schasse has experience editing video. But neither of them had made a documentary before. Still, they were inspired by their love of the game and a desire to try something new.

“We’re trying to show off the amazing people that are involved with this sport, but Schasse and I are also part of the story,” a release quoted Wagner. “So the series will show not only the awesome people we met, but how they impacted our adventure as well.”

The duo will premiere the series at 7 p.m. Jan. 28 in the Davies Theater at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Each new episode will also be released on their website at 7 p.m. every Tuesday starting Jan. 28.


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