Letter to the Editor: Vote Rob Duchscher

A District 196 resident supports Rob Duchscher for school board.

There are two reasons to vote for Rob Duchscher for District 196 school board: 1) his sharp focus on long-term planning and 2) his open, honest communication with the community.

First, the school board is responsible for the long-term roadmap that empowers the district's students, teachers, parents, and broader communities to maximize each student’s potential in the most cost effective manner possible. Over the past 11-plus years on the school board, Mr. Duchscher has proven his ability to recognize, prioritize and address key long-term issues. For example, Rob spearheaded the creation of the Budget Advisory Council and supported the creation of a five-year financial plan. This long-term planning process has proven critical as state budgets have become and will remain constrained. Electing leaders that can anticipate the district’s future needs is critical to its success.

Second, Rob has proven his commitment to open, honest communication with the community. He has answered all emails and voice mails during his 11-plus years on the board. Given the reality of the tight fiscal environment, difficult issues with conflicting positions will inevitably arise. This will require creative solutions from the community as a whole, not just from the elected school board members. Rob has been committed to open, back-and-forth dialogue that leads to smart, fact-based decisions. Open, honest communication is vital for a prosperous, best in class school district.

I moved into District 196 two years ago because of its schools. I look forward to the day my 3-year-old and newborn will benefit from the strong public schools in District 196. I am confident Rob Duchscher’s leadership will further strengthen the District for current and future students. Join me in re-electing Rob Duchscher for District 196 school board on Nov. 8.

—Michael Groneberg, Eagan


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