New District Lines Don't Cross Rosemount

Rosemount's district switches from 37B to 57B; district line shifts slightly in Apple Valley.

Minnesota's Special Redistricting Panel unveiled earlier today the redistricting plan that sets legislative districts for the next 10 years. And while some parts of the state saw drastic changes, the only big change for Rosemount is a number.

Kurt Bills currently represents District 37B, which includes all of Rosemount and part of Apple Valley.

But on the new maps released Tuesday, Rosemount is now part of District 57B. The line marking the western edge of Bills' district did change, and now includes the entire north end of Apple Valley instead of portions of northern and eastern Apple Valley, as it had previously.

The city of Coates—population 161—was also redrawn into Bills' district.

"They extended my area of north Apple Valley, and I didn't think that would happen. I thought they might squeeze me a little toward Rosemount," Bills said. "I did wind up with Coates, which I thought might happen."

Sen. Chris Gerlach also didn't experience any drastic changes to his senate district, switching from a District 37 that included Rosemount, Apple Valley and a portion of Burnsville to a District 57 that now includes Rosemount, Apple Valley and a small part of Lakeville.

All of Dakota County will now be part of Minnesota's second Congressional district, currently represented by Lakeville Republican John Kline. Previously, the metropolitan areas of Dakota County bordering St. Paul were part of District 4, represented by Democrat Betty McCollum.

Further north, District 4 will now extend eastward from St. Paul into Woodbury and Stillwater, areas that were formerly part of District 6, which is represented by Republican Michelle Bachmann. That could have touched off a major election battle between the liberal McCollum and the conservative Bachmann. Instead, Bachmann announced today that she will run again to represent District 6; members of the U.S. House are not required to reside in the district they represent.


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