That's S'more Like It! Celebrate National S'mores Day on Friday

National S'mores Day is Aug. 10—try a classic or twist on S'mores in the great outdoors, or stay in and experience the flavors.

There is, indeed, a day to celebrate just about everything. Proof? Friday is National S'mores Day.

Made in their classic form with graham crackers, chocolate, and most essentially toasted marshmallows—from golden brown to blackened, depending on your preference and/or penchant for setting the gooey food aflame—the S'more has been a campfire favorite for decades, allegedly invented by the Girl Scouts of America.

If the treat is up your alley, the best ones arguably are those assembled around the campfire (though I have made microwaved versions when I couldn't get outside).

You know the recipe for classic S'mores, but check out these suggestions from the Huffington Post if you're looking for a twist on the ingredients. If you still want that S'more flavor, but in a different form, there's a seemingly endless collection of recipes out there for S'mores cookies, bars, popsicles, oatmeal... well, you get the idea.

Recreational Fires

While temperatures have cooled off a bit in the Twin Cities area, it's still prime time to get a little fire going in the great outdoors.

Right now, the risk of fires starting and spreading is low in our area, but you'll still need a burning permit in if you plan to get the campfire going; click below for the recreational fire ordinances in each city:


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